I was raised in my grandmother's seamstress workshop, where she taught me everything about fashion and freestyle couture.

Fashion as performance art, an experimental sculpture of the self through clothing and movement. I design sensual, abstract dresses for a queer uprising.

Textile sculptures and installations, based on suspensions, balance and harmony.

I spent years in virtual work designing virtual dresses - and moved to real world fabrics in 2018. I have done several and collective solo shows and I am a frequent stylist of other designers shows.

I teach fashion poetics in HEAD geneva, in Master, since 2020.

My process here and my poetry here.

I talked extensively about the gesture of couture and the gesture of écriture for the Front Row podcast. You can listen to it here.



Amherst, Musée de l'imprimerie Lyon January 2024

Muets d'Hiver, FACTS, jardin botanique de Talence November 2023

Big Tata, GZ, october 2023

Sous la cendre d'Eden, exhibition w/ Emmanuel Henninger, Jonathan Bablon and Marina Zindy, Musée du Textile, Wesserling 9-18 June 2023

coton vertébrale #2 (collective show), la flèche d'or, 17 June 2023

Une Annonciation, with Sasha Cocker, GZ 31 May 2023

Un Spectre, w/Elin Casse Niveaux inférieurs des Catacombes de Paris May 2023

Les euménides, La Chaufferie, Strasbourg January 19 2023 - February 25 2023

PROSERPINE @CHRONIQUES Biennale January 20-21 2023

Cotyledons, FACT, Lyon October 2022

Une visitation, sculpture, HEAR Strasbourg October 2022

bri x koji @Fesse-tival, Geneva September 2022

LE CRABE QUI A VAINCU LE CANCER EN SEPT JOURS , w/ Barbara Massart, Anahid Ferté, Michiel deJaeger and Nicolas Clément from "la S" - MIAM Sète, dans le cadre de Sète-Palerme, semaine d'art contemporain September 17 2022

coton vertébrale (collective show),La Flèche d'or, Paris June 18 2022

Chantier de Couture, La flèche d'or,Paris april-may-june 2022

Sonic Protest, Mains d’œuvre, atelier couture w/ Barbara Massart for Infecticide, Paris May 2022

Nos Trames, Grrrnd Zero, Lyon 3 june 2022

bri x koji, Mimesis, Lyon, May 12 2022

Hacker la Trame, Grrrrnd Zero, Lyon May 2022

1312 seconds, Mimesis, Lyon April 2022

Une goutte de soleil turquoise @JeansDinge symposium, HEAD, Geneva April 2022

DEMIURGE w/ Jeff Mills @le Louvre, Paris October 2017